Step by step - clone a repository from Github

1- download and install git - no need to change default settings
If you like to use graphical user interface for git install git extension too

2- Open up Git Bash

3- Create public key and add it to your github account
Follow the steps from

4- Create a folder on local drive for your saving the cloned repositories
for example  C:\My Lab\Cloned projects

5- to switch to a drive type following in the git bash
cd c:

6- then you need to switch to the folder type
type cd my then press tab and as you can see in the following image. It completes the name of folder for you

7- Open a repository page from github website like
and copy the ssh clone url

8- type git clone and right click on the git icon on the top bar of Git bash window then select edit then paste the clone url
for example :
git clone