Honoured to be Sitecore MVP 2017

I am very honoured to be recognized as Sitecore MVP 2017. I started learning and working with Sitecore in 2013. Kelly Brennan and Annelie Karlsson showed me the Sitecore dashboard for the first time. I learned Sitecore from David (Danny) Newman by attending Sitecore training course and working with Joe Stevens our tech lead at Pantha corp on Sydney airport project.
During my career, I worked with so many great developers including Sudeep ShakyaSteve AdamsJoel ReadeZhen Yuan and learned a lot from each of them. I cannot hide how I appreciate Martina Helene Welander’s youtube videos and John West and other Sitecore gurus blog posts.
I tried my best to share the issues I faced and how I solved them during my learning journey in my blog posts. It was the least thing I could do to pay back to Sitecore community.
Also, I like to thank my new role models Michael Reynolds and Richard Hauer organizers of Sydney Sitecore meet ups for encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and presenting at Sitecore meet up and be more active in Sitecore community.
Finally, I like to thank all of sitecore MVPS who nominated me and Sitecore judges who chose me from the list of nominees.
It looks like an Oscar award winning speech! It’s a big achievement for me and it wasn’t possible without Sitecore community help.
Thank you