Ignite 2017 take-outs

As you all saw my schedule for this year in my previous post. It was a full-on schedule and I only could manage to attend around 70% of the sessions. I’m very happy with all the sessions I could attend and also it was great that I found a chance to catch up with other attendees.

In the nutshell, this is my take-outs from Microsoft Ignite 2017

  • Operating system agnostics
    I remember working on the projects that we had to manually integrate front-end codes written by our team on their mac OS into our MVC solution written in the Visual studio on windows.
    Microsoft has provided tools like VsCode (https://code.visualstudio.com/) also make it possible to install Visual studio on Mac. It increases productivity in the team.
    Also, Microsoft is on its path to enable all the developers to work on their desired Operating system write code which runs on any Operating system.
  • Open source and Microsoft
    Microsoft has the biggest contribution to open source projects on GitHub (http://www.businessinsider.com.au/microsoft-github-open-source-2016-9?r=US&IR=T).
  • Machine learning, Artificial intelligence (AI), Bots, Cognitive services
    These are the areas Microsoft focuses on it. By the power of cloud computing, we can solve the new type of problems that we weren't able to solve them before.   Now, you can easily analyse the text and get the main keywords or understand the emotion of the person who wrote it. Imagine you can analyse all of your tweets written to your company and find the services everyone are happy about it or not so impressed with it in the matter of few minutes.
  •  Azure Stack, cloud ready
    Microsoft tries to provide an infrastructure you can install on your local servers (on premises). It provides all the services that Azure portal provides. The benefits of using azure stack are when you get to the point that you could move your servers to the cloud you can have a smooth transition.
  • Microservices, Docker & windows
    Although Docker on Linux is more mature but Docker on windows is rapidly improving.
  • Blockchain and Ethereum
    New reliable digital currency and a new way of management of it are under way. Some early adopter like webjet has started working with Microsoft.

Watch the sessions now: