My schedule Ignite 2017

I'm attending Microsoft ignite Australia. After looking into topics and speakers I felt like a kid that goes to candy shop and not know what to choose. After attending few conferences, I learnt it's a good idea to print out or screen capture(greener option) your schedule just in case if you cannot connect to internet or the conference website goes down!

This is my initial schedule.

Day 1
Opening KeynoteScott Guthrie11:00 AMArena 2Tue 14 Feb
Kick-off: Cloud, Architecture & Infrastructure [KICK111a]David Burela, Reid Purvis, Kurt Heiz1:00 PMArena 2Tue 14 Feb
Kick-off: .NET Development [KICK111b2]Andrew Coates Jordan Knight1:45 PMArena 1ATue 14 Feb
Introduction to ASP.NET Core [NET312] Jordan Knight2:30 PMCentral ATue 14 Feb
Blockchain 101 & Azure Blockchain as a Service [CLD213] David Burela Chris Zhong4:15 PMArena 1BTue 14 Feb
Welcome Reception & Expo Open5:30 PMTue 14 Feb
Day 2
Diversity & Inclusion BreakfastMichelle Sandford Aaron Whittaker David Masters Kenny Johar Singh Vivienne Conway7:00 AMHack Theatre, The ExpoWed 15 Feb
Deep Dive into Azure Cognitive Services [DA321]Rolf Tesmer Kristina Rumpff8:15 AMRoom 9Wed 15 Feb
Azure Portal – Building Large Scale Single Page Applications [ARC122]Jakub Jedryszek9:45 AMRoom 7Wed 15 Feb
Hacking, Citizen Science and Maker IoT [MYMAZ1]11:10 AMMicrosoft ShowcaseWed 15 Feb
CQRS Secrets: How to Support Scalability and Performance [ARC323]Richard Banks11:30 AMCentral BWed 15 Feb
5 Ninja-Tricks to Making Workplaces Suck Less [HCK122]Kylie Hunt1:00 PMHack Theatre, The ExpoWed 15 Feb
Humanising Innovation [HCK123]Rita Arrigo1:25 PMHack Theatre, The ExpoWed 15 Feb
Blockchain Development on Azure Blockchain as a Service [CLD424]David Burela1:45 PMCentral BWed 15 Feb
Take Control of the Data of You [HCK124]Nigel Parker3:10 PMHack Theatre, The ExpoWed 15 Feb
What Dotnet PCL Profile is .NET Standard? [NET325b]Lewis Benge3:30 PMRoom 5Wed 15 Feb
Microservices, Docker, .NET, Windows, Linux, Azure. Oh, My! [ARC326]Richard Banks5:00 PMArena 1AWed 15 Feb
Conversation As a Platform Part 2 [NET327a]Dr. Neil Roodyn6:30 PMCentral BWed 15 Feb
Day 3
Angular 2 Testing: Techniques and Practices [OPEN331]Adam Stephensen Duncan Hunter8:15 AMArena 1AThu 16 Feb
Elastic ♥ Microsoft [OPEN332b]Russ Cam9:45 AMRoom 9Thu 16 Feb
"Explain Yourself!" - Explaining What We Do, While Trying to Keep Everyone Happy [HCK131]Jess Dodson11:10 AMHack Theatre, The ExpoThu 16 Feb
How to build high performing API's [CLD233]Nathan Fernandez11:30 AMRoom 8Thu 16 Feb
Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict House PricesRolf Tesmer12:45 PMMicrosoft ShowcaseThu 16 Feb
The Force Awakens: Mastering Your Inner Developer [HCK133]Lars Klint1:15 PMHack Theatre, The ExpoThu 16 Feb
Rackspace Tales from the Trenches - Deploying Complex and Large Scale Azure Environments [CLD334a]Aaron Saikovski1:45 PMCentral BThu 16 Feb
Creating Secure websites using Azure App ServiceAndrew Cobb3:00 PMMicrosoft ShowcaseThu 16 Feb
From Spaghetti to Microservices Architecture [ARH435]Stefano Tempesta3:30 PMArena 1BThu 16 Feb
Prevent unwanted and embarrassing leakage with Azure Information Protection [CLD336b]Andrew McMurray Richard Diver5:00 PMArena 1BThu 16 Feb
Microsoft Ignite Spark After Dark6:15 PMThu 16 Feb
Day 4
Azure API Management Dive Deep [ARC441]Jorge Arteiro8:30 AMRoom 5Fri 17 Feb
How to Level Up on Life by Thinking Outside the (X)Box [HCK141]Michelle Sandford9:50 AMHack Theatre, The ExpoFri 17 Feb
The Technical Debt Prevention Clinic [NET342]Richard Banks10:15 AMRoom 5Fri 17 Feb
Azure + Docker: Easy Open Source Shipping [OPEN443]Peter Gatt Chris Fowles11:45 AMRoom 7Fri 17 Feb
3 Steps to Innovate and #HackTheStatusQuo [HCK142]Dux Raymond Sy1:10 PMHack Theatre, The ExpoFri 17 Feb
Remote Access with AAD App ProxyAndrew Cobb1:40 PMMicrosoft ShowcaseFri 17 Feb
Closing KeynoteDona Sarkar

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