Who you are and what do you stand for in Tech industry?

It seems these two are straight forward questions but in reality, so many of us struggle to answer it quickly without thinking.

What makes us who we are and what we stand for in the Tech industry is our impact and it has a few dimensions

1. At work, our direct impact is the way we treat our teammates and stack holders, the decisions we make during the project, the quality of our work and more importantly the cause of the project we are working on. Our indirect impact is how we empower and help our teammates. How we enable others to do their best work and when they finish work they feel fulfilled.

2. At the community, our indirect impact will start by attending a meetup or conference by being open and connecting others. Our direct impact starts by speaking with our employer and hosting a meetup or sponsoring a Tech event. We can maximize our impact by presenting and sharing our learnings and experience or volunteering in organising an event or running a workshop in our spare time.

3. At the virtual community, our direct impact can be blogging, contributing to an open-source project or starting an open-source project. Our indirect impact can be as trivial as retweeting or sharing a cool tech-related article that might inspire someone in our network.