In memory of Grandma

Sadly, my grandma passed away on Sunday. She was kind and always puts everyone else's needs and feelings before hers. 
She was strong, both mentally and physically. My grandpa had to travel a lot for work and my grandma was raising their four children mostly alone without help. The only time I sensed my grandma freaked out (the only sign was having white, pale skin and sitting still for 15 minutes and staring at the door) was when Iraqi bombers, bombed the area my uncle was! My uncle showed up at the door and she hugged him and lit wild rue seeds (اسپند).
She was a good cook and loved cooking. We will all remember the tastes of the dishes she was cooking for us and her style of making Persian rice with crispy rice  (تهدیگ) with saffron, rose water, loads and loads of butter and vegetable oil. 
She was very clean and hygienic. She was consciously trying her best to prevent the spread of microbes and bacterias by washing and cleaning all the time or efforts like making sure there are serving food utensils for all the shared platters and no one is sharing drinking or eating utensils. Her house was sparkling clean and germ-free. 
I got a chance to chat with her and show her my garden for the last time, a day before she admitted to hospital.
Grandma was born in a traditional family in a small city. She wasn't literate but she valued education and being active in the community. She made sure all of her four kids not only finish school but also persuade them to go to university and have higher education.
She was curious and wasn't afraid to ask questions or try new things. I don't forget when she saw a photo on the touch screen for the first time! She instantly learnt how to pinch and stretch the photo to see all the details of the photo.
Her memories will stay with us and we never forget her.
To celebrate her life I'll plant a tree and also to acknowledge her love of education will commit to mentor five software engineers to grow in their career for six months (fortnightly 1:1).